Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked question about BuyGameCredit are below:

BuyGameCredit is a service that allows you to buy digital games, DLCs, top ups and memberships through a variety of payment options and receive the codes instantly via SMS. You can even choose to use your mobile phone bill or credit as a payment option.)
  • More convenient secure purchases. Text-in to buy through your preferred payment method (My Wallet, mobile money, credit card etc.).
  • Your Wallet allows you to deposit small amounts of mobile money in order to buy larger content. This is necessary because mobile carriers usually impose a transaction limit of £/€30.
  • View your purchase history and purchased product codes.
  • Change your details and password.
Account holders can save up credit in their wallet using their mobile phone bill or credit (Mobile networks usually impose a transaction limit of £/€30 on Charge To Mobile payments). You can then buy the latest games instantly with the balance even if they costs more than £/€30.
Each mobile networks sets their own limits per transaction and per day on how much you can charge to your mobile phone bill or credit. To find out yours, please contact your mobile network provider.

My Preferred Payment Method allows BuyGameCredit account holders to make secure payments more quickly and conveniently by saving your payment information. It also allows you to purchase by texting-in to use your saved preferred payment method. Here’s how:

  • Log in and choose your preferred payment method
  • Save your payment details
  • Text-in your product’s keyword to buy instantly through your preferred payment method (E.g. XB25 to 84988)

If you don’t have a BuyGameCredit account, your mobile phone bill or credit will be charged. You can still use another payment method. Just add it after the keyword (E.g. XB25 CARD to 84988 to pay by credit card). Details of how to purchase via text-in can be found on the ‘Instant Buy’ tab of each product’s purchase page.

Either text in a keyword (eg. XB25 to 84988) or enter your payment information into the website after selecting your product. Follow the instructions and the code will be sent to your phone instantly via SMS and your chosen payment method will be charged. See FAQ 2 for the advantages of purchasing if you set up a free BuyGameCredit account.

Yes. This website is Norton protected. Phonovation (who own BuyGameCredit) are fully PCI compliant and a Microsoft Silver Partner. Credit card payments are made through Realex and use 3D secure to ensure your payment security.

Go to your console and your Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or relevant games account and enter the activation code we have sent you. This will either add credit to your account; begin to download your game; download your game on the day of release if a pre-order; begin to download your DLC or activate your membership depending on the product type.

Microsoft Xbox support

Sony PlayStation support