With September now not long for this Earth, though October’s siren song may already be ringing in our ears, bear in mind that before next month’s fresh gaming pleasures, there’s a ton of top, free treats still available to download right now, a prime privilege for paying members of Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus.


Best hurry though, as many of these digital delights relinquish their free status the moment the new month dawns. Also, don’t forget to keep your subscriptions topped up, as if they run out, these wonderful freebies will flee your console faster than the Road Runner could gobble up a delicious pile of free road seed. As ever, you can snap up those subscriptions with equal speed from your buddies at BuyGameCredit, HERE.




Xbox Live Gold: Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year Edition


Xbox Live Gold: Oxenfree


Xbox Live Gold: Battlefield 3




PlayStation Plus: inFAMOUS Second Son


PlayStation Plus: RIGS Mechanized Combat League


PlayStation Plus: That’s You!


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